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GreenMan Technologies, Inc. Announces Welch Products, Inc. Name Change  

Welch Products is Acquired by GreenMan Technologies, a Midwest Recycler of Crumb Rubber  

Welch Products Purchases Playground Equipment Company to Enhance its Playground Safety Offerings  

California Court rules Woodchips in Playgrounds not Accessible to Children with Disabilities    

NSSI Receives Multiple Playground Surfacing Contracts from   

Missouri DNR Grant Recipients 

Welch Receives Patent Protection for "Anti-Vegetation Post Collar" from US Patent Office  

Welch Products is recognized as a leader in manufacturing, marketing, product development and testing for a variety of patented products made from recycled rubber.  


Through Overall Solutions, our proven business methodologies can be licensed to State agencies to create safer play and fitness environments for children, lower the cost of maintenance incurred by State transportation agencies and provide valuable work experience for a State's prison inmate population.   


Welch Products provides the resources necessary to assist States with licensing, implementation, product development, marketing and financing. 



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