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Branson Public Schools 

Branson, Missouri 

We recently resurfaced and upgraded all of our Elementary playground areas with the DuroMat tiles. We have had tremendous cooperation and an excellent experience with NSSI and their contracted installers.   

Since the installation of the new tiles, our children have had less lost recess time because of the weather and standing water. In addition to more recess time, we are currently tracking what appears to be fewer playground accidents for the students.  

It has been very enthusiastically accepted by the patrons, teachers, students and the administrative team. 

We will continue to work with NSSI and use the DuroMat tiles for all our future elementary buildings  

Brian Blankenship - Business Manager  

Des Moines Public Schools 

Des Moines, Iowa 

"Making the playground safe and accessible for all the children is our primary objective when it comes to outdoor play and fitness environments in our elementary schools. The rubber safety tiles help our district accomplish that goal. This product should reduce the headaches of maintaining loose fill surfacing as well as long term liability due to playground injuries." 

"Through the Iowa Playground Surfacing Program, I was able to work with a very knowledgeable staff that provided a high level of professional service that enabled us to meet our installation timelines."  

"We appreciate the fact that the tiles will reduce our maintenance costs and expect a return on investment in 5 to 7 years." 

Jamie Wilkerson - Environmental Safety Specialist 



Manning Elementary 

Manning, Iowa 

"Our updated playground, with the safe surfacing, is a hit with our students! And that's what this whole project was about. Keeping our students active but safer as they play."  

"We are very pleased with the outcome of our playground after installing playground safety surfacing through the Iowa Playground Surfacing Program (IPSP). The new surfacing makes our playground accessible and safer for all the children who play there."   

"The Iowa Playground Surfacing Program was very helpful in working with our school district by providing fund-raising solutions, that covered part of the cost, and financing the remaining balance."   

"Everyone we worked with was knowledgeable and professional. They provided the drawings, training and on-site services that really helped us make this a successful project."  

Sam Graeve, - Elementary Principal 


Wyman Elementary  

Rolla, Missouri 

"I am very excited to have the playground up and going with a much "cleaner" surface!"  The shredded rubber tires we had before were very MESSY."  

"The new surface is handicap accessible - it was very difficult for our disabled children to maneuver in the shredded tires.  I wanted something everyone can use." 

"The service provided by the Missouri Playground Surfacing Program was excellent.  Their staff was easy to access and readily available for site visits when necessary and made suggestions to save us money.  The project was less labor intensive and more cost effective as it allowed us to use our existing asphalt." 

"The National Safe Surfacing Initiative provided a flexible payment schedule allowing our school to work this project into our budget." 

"I was impressed that the Missouri Playground Surfacing Program is endorsed by the Missouri School Boards Association." 

Mrs. Susan Bowles - Elementary Principal 



Milan C-2 Preschool 

Milan, Missouri 

"I am at a loss for words because we are very excited about our new playground. It has given us so many added opportunities and increased safety."   

"By creating a level playing surface for our children, we've increased the number of outdoor activities that the children can enjoy."   

"We are thrilled about our playground now being handicap accessible so all children attending Milan C-2 Preschool can enjoy our outdoor play and fitness environment."   

Ms. Brandy Hull - Director 

Dixon Elementary 

Dixon, Missouri 

"The tiles are much safer for kids - it is a good "clean" surface, especially after a heavy rain, and the children will not drag particles back inside the school."  

"The surfacing is handicapped accessible and therefore can be utilized by all children."  

"The tiles are a much more sanitary surface." 

Mrs. Joyce Shepard - Director 



Davenport Community Schools  

Davenport, Iowa 

"Through the Iowa Playground Surfacing Program we installed playground safety surfacing in 14 elementary schools this summer (2005).  School administrators and parents are very pleased with the results of this program."  

"The technical expertise and assistance provided by the NSSI was extremely valuable in making a project of this size such a huge success." 

"We look forward to safer playgrounds and lower maintenance costs for the life of this product." 

Bill Good - Director of Operations   


Lakeview Elementary  

Solon, lowa  

"We could not be happier with our new rubber tile playground surface."  

"Lakeview Elementary sees the playground as an extension of the classroom in which physical, social, emotional and cognitive learning continues. The playground encourages fun, healthy, physical play for all students."   

"Before having the NSSI safe surface installed, our students with mobility issues were restricted from using the playground and all students were at risk for injury. Since installing the new surface our playground injuries have been dramatically reduced." 

Karen Sherman - PTO President 

Harrison Elementary School  

Davenport, lowa  

"We are very pleased with the product. We are optimistic that this was a good decision and are very happy to be a beneficiary. We would love to see all the playgrounds done with this material." 

"This product is going to keep kids safe and cut down on clean-up expenses. The bottom line is child safety and this product has accomplished that while providing a better playing atmosphere." 

Scott McKissick, - Elementary Principal 




Cedar Heights Elementary  

Cedar Falls, lowa  

"We are truly pleased with our new safety surfacing on our K-1 Playground. The surfacing is beautiful. What a great concept! We have three other playground units that keep us busy with maintaining the surfacing." 

"What is so great about this surface is we don't have to worry about materials being worn away or kicked out of place. We have confidence our surface is safe 24/7. All playground units should have such surfacing." 

Chris Smith - Elementary Principal 

Grant Wood Elementary School  

Cedar Rapids, lowa  

"I am excited about this product and so are the kids. It looks fantastic. It looks better than the wood chips and railroad ties we had, it will save time and money on cleaning." 

"In an effort to save money the wood chips purchased earlier, where probably not the best choice. This product simply makes you feel safer. We wish we could do it on all our playgrounds. It is also a real conversational piece. Other organizations have inquired about it and want to get it for their surface." 

Marshall Clemons,  




Mclntosh Woods State Park  

Ventura, Iowa  

"We don't have many structures like this in northwest Iowa. The parents thought is was really nice and it beat all of the other materials" 

"From a maintenance standpoint it is also better than sand and woodchips. It cleans easier which save time and money. From an appearance standpoint it looks neater and from a safety standpoint overall it is a much better product."  

Tammy Domonoske, - Park Manager 

Bryant Elementary School  

Sioux City, lowa  

"Playgrounds should be safe havens for children. Bryant School is thankful to be a recipient of a safer playing surface." 

"The new playground surfacing will enhance activities of our children, it is accessible, it will protect our children from injuries, and it fits aesthetically into the environment." 

"We are pleased with the product and without reservation recommend it highly to other schools and park areas." 

Rita Vanetta - Elementary Principal 



Roosevelt Elementary School  

Cherokee, lowa  

"It has been a wonderful addition to our playground." 

"We have been very pleased with the surfacing that has been done under our playground equipment. I would recommend this type of surfacing to any elementary or pre-school facility." 

Barb Radke - Principal 

Tri-County Head Start 

Waterloo, lowa  

"It's a wonderful product. It's nice to send kids outside knowing they will be safe. Little ones who are not steady in their steps may fall and now we know they will be okay." 

"We recently had a 4 year-old take off running and fell face first on the tile. On any other surface it would have been an ugly accident, with this surface she did not have a scratch on her. The feel of the material can absorb the shock." 

Kim Young-Kent - Executive Director 



Butler Elementary School  

Fort Dodge, lowa  

"A fantastic product, It is a great addition to the school. The tiles are beneficial to the health and safety of the kids and cleanliness to the building." 

"I love the impact resistant qualities. We are a few months into a long school year and injuries are already down." 

"The Idea of taking something that is an environment hazard (tires) and recycling them into something useful and beneficial, makes the rubber tile a great product." 

Jerry Spittal - Elementary Principal 

John Cline Elementary School  

Decorah, lowa

"It's been very beneficial and we're already seeing an increase in safety. It's cut down the number of injuries we could have sustained. The kids and staff enjoy it." 

"It's aesthetically pleasing which is to say it is better looking than the wood chips. Parents with little kids using the facility after school hours have commented that the tile surface looks better and is simply safer." 

Mike Schacheree - Elementary Principal  



Colesburg Elementary 

Colesburg, Iowa  

"Our district did extensive research to find the best playground surfacing available."   

"Once we chose the rubber tile surfacing provided by the NSSI, they were very supportive in helping us put together the project designs, the construction drawings and the financing for this project. They were very flexible and worked with us to create a great solution. The end result is fantastic."   

"With the help of the Iowa Playground Surfacing Program, we were able to make a smart investment in our outdoor play environments and the safety of the children in our care."   

Paul Wenger, Elementary Principal 

Edgewood-Colesburg Community Schools  






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