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Overall Solutions


Welch Products' core focus is Overall Solutions®, a common sense arrangement where quality products are created for government, by government, resulting in taxpayer savings, safer work and play environments, and innovative environmental solutions.  Overall Solutions® is a self-sustaining cycle of raw materials, manufacturing, and quality finished goods that greatly benefit the taxpayers and constituents of your state.


The Overall Solutions® program allows government agencies to work together to meet the needs of other agencies.  This program:

·        Creates Jobs and provides new skill sets for inmates

·        Provides a sustainable crumb rubber market for years to come

·        Protects children from playground injuries

·        Reduces highway construction and maintenance costs, while improving the safety of highway workers

·        Helps clean up your state's scrap tire problem

·        Saves taxpayers millions of dollars


Welch Provides Value to the Overall Solutions® program by:

·        Introducing the OS Model to state government

·        Developing and testing new products jointly with state agencies

·        Continuous Quality Improvement of products and processes with a systematic approach

·        Creating new markets and distribution models for high quality rubber products

·        Validating products through third party marketing partners and independent testing agencies

·        Creating relationships with government, non-profit and private entities

·        Bolstering the crumb rubber industry in your state without the need of additional government subsidies or grants by creating an increased demand for their products




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