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Welch Products

Welch Products specializes in manufacturing, product research, and market development of environmentally responsible products.  Our patented, proprietary processes are utilized to create quality products from recycled materials, primarily recycled rubber.   Our finished goods can be applied to many applications most often used by state transportation departments, marinas, public schools and daycares.   Nearly all end users of our products are government agencies.    


Welch's manufacturing processes have been mainstreamed and simplified and can be easily adapted to a number of environments.  As demand for quality rubber products grows, our company will respond by licensing its manufacturing processes to States interested in pursuing the proven benefits of our solutions.


Our main focus is our unique patented applied concept "Overall Solutions®" (OS).  OS is a common sense arrangement in which products are created for government, by government, resulting in taxpayer savings, safer work and play environments, and innovative environmental solutions.  Overall Solutions® is a self-sustaining cycle of raw materials, manufacturing, and quality finished goods that greatly benefit taxpayers.    




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