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November 28th, 2005


Welch Products, today, announced the US Patent Office's approval and protection for its new tradenames Overall Solutions™ and OS Project™.

"Overall Solutions™ represents the business strategy of Welch Products as we continue to create successful solutions for Government Agencies, stated Shannon Godwin, Director of Communications for Welch Products,  "We are advancing the awareness and practicality of quality products made from crumb rubber, as well as creating a market for our Specialized Surface Technologies™, for highway construction and playground safety."

Welch Products has a history of creating common sense solutions and is lending its expertise to state agencies for solving multiple problems, said Tim Mahoney, Vice President of Welch Products.  Overall Solutions™ allows states to solve their waste tire problem, develop work experience for prison inmates, create safer playgrounds and save taxpayers millions on highway maintenance.  The trademark process is just one step in building a solid foundation for our company and protecting our intellectual property. 

As a manufacturer of specialized rubber products, Welch currently holds patents and trademarks on a variety of products, manufacturing processes, production techniques, and trade names.

Welch Products, of Carlisle Iowa, has developed and deployed a patented manufacturing process that converts crumb rubber into a variety of unique and high quality rubber products including TopHat™ patented highway construction molds.


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