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December 15, 2006

For Immediate Release





The Minnesota School Boards Association is pleased to announce the Minnesota Playground Surfacing Program (MPSP) a partnership with the National Safe Surfacing Initiative, LLC (NSSI), designed to keep Minnesota's school children safe, healthy and fit.

The NSSI provides unique financing and fundraising solutions that enable school districts to invest in proven rubber surfacing made with rubber tiles and also provides a variety of professional services such as playground safety audits, inspections, designs, and certifications to make playground surfaces as safe as possible for children.

"We are delighted to be part of this effort to reduce injuries and accidents on school playgrounds," says MSBA Executive Director, Bob Meeks. "We expect this program to benefit our young students by improving the safety and accessibility of their outdoor play and fitness environments. The NSSI is a nationally-recognized company that is committed to improving student safety and fitness."

A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 200,000 children across the US are injured each year on playgrounds and nearly 70% of all playground injuries are caused by falls to the surface.

The NSSI has spent years studying how molded rubber tile surfacing improves playground safety compared to the traditional use of loose materials such as wood chips, shredded rubber and pea gravel. The molded rubber surface recommended by the NSSI is made from recycled tires that not only improves safety and playability of the surface, but also improves the environment by creating a product use for waste tires.

"The Minnesota Playground Surfacing Program will assist Minnesota schools with safer and healthier playground surfacing," stated NSSI President Tim Mahoney. Two years into a four-year study, conducted by the National Program for Playground Safety, indicates that playground tiles provided by the NSSI, coupled with playground safety training, have reduced injuries requiring medical attention by 75%. We look forward to providing the benefits of safer surfacing to the children, parents and school districts of Minnesota."

Taxpayers also can realize savings by utilizing rubber tile playground surfaces through reduced maintenance costs, the long-life of the surface, and the use of recyclable products. The use of the rubber surface and the improvement of student safety also can reduce the liability risk to local school districts and communities.

MSBA supports, promotes and enhances the work of public school boards.


For more information please contact Tiffany Rodning at 800-324-4459 or

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