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Friday - March 30th, 2007


Welch Products Introduces Performance Leasing at Annual NCIA Tradeshow


The National Correctional Industries Association's annual conference, recently held in Jacksonville Florida, was the venue for Welch Products to introduce its new financing package, "Performance Leasing".


With the environmental impact of waste tires continuing to plague state environmental agencies, an outlet is needed for the crumb rubber made from scrap tires. Welch Products, not only provides an outlet for crumb rubber, but also offers several patented products and proven marketing programs to bring unique and innovative products to market.


By offering "Performance Leasing" through the CERVIS program, Welch provides a low risk avenue for Prison Industries to become part of the Welch Products success story if they choose to be a manufacturing and marketing partner within their state or region.


"We currently operate marketing programs in four states and plan to expand into additional states in 2007", stated Tim Mahoney, Vice President of Welch Products. "We welcome Prison Industries to become partners with our manufacturing and marketing solutions. Overall Solutions, our patent applied method for doing business with state government, is geared to allow prisons an opportunity to play an important role in our process." Mahoney continues, "Performance Leasing allows a low risk point of entry for Prison Industries to become involved with our growing business model. If we are successful with our sales and marketing model, our Prison Industry partners will share in that success."


Welch Products specializes in manufacturing, product research, and market development of environmentally responsible products.  Our patented, proprietary processes are utilized to create quality products from recycled materials.   Our quality products can be applied to many applications most often used by state transportation departments, marinas, public schools and childcare centers.   Nearly all end users of our products are government agencies. 


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